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Check in 11 ngôi chùa thiêng nhất đầu năm ở Hà Nội 2021

Going to the temple at the beginning of the year is a long-standing tradition and a cultural beauty in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people on each occasion of Tet to Spring. And every spring is also a time for people to go to peaceful places to find some peace after a year of hard work and to let their minds be at peace with the scenery of heaven and earth in Spring. Are you planning to go this Tet? Traveling to pagodas at the beginning of the year in Hanoi then hurry up and save the famous temples and pagodas of the capital to go on this New Year’s Eve 2021.

Hanoi has thousands of years of civilization, possesses many pagodas and temples that not only have architectural, cultural and historical values ​​but also occupy an important position in the spiritual life of Ha Thanh people. Vietnam Booking would like to take attendance at 06 temples in the center of Hanoi – Destinations Temple tour at the beginning of the year.

1. Tran Quoc Pagoda

Considered the oldest and most sacred temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda has a history of more than 1500 years and is a famous spiritual place of Vietnamese people. traveling Hanoi and is in the top 16 most beautiful temples in the world. On the occasion of the beginning of the year, the temple not only attracts visitors to pray for peace but also visit the pagoda and the West Lake in spring.

Traveling to Tran Quoc Pagoda at the beginning of the year

Tran Quoc Pagoda is a destination not to be missed in Hanoi – Illustration

The pagoda was built in an architectural style that is a harmonious combination between the majesty and antiquity with the elegant landscape of the immense lake. In particular, at Tran Quoc Pagoda, visitors can also admire the six-level lotus stupa with 11 floors and 15 meters high. Each floor of the tower has 6 arched doorways, in each box is placed a precious stone statue of Amitabha Buddha. With charming scenery, Tran Quoc Pagoda is a destination for Buddhists and tourists from all over the world.

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2. Quan Su Pagoda – Spiritual tourist destination at the beginning of the year

As an indispensable part of Hanoi’s sacred soul, belonging to “Three Tran Thang Long”, Quan Su Pagoda was built in the 15th century and is one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam. Currently, when coming to the temple, visitors can see the name and the parallel sentences at the gate in the national language script, a unique feature that few pagodas in Vietnam have.

travel to Quan Su pagoda at the beginning of the year

Quan Su Pagoda is an ancient temple in the heart of Hanoi – Illustration

Tam Quan of the pagoda has 3 roofs, in the middle is the bell tower. The temple has a tall, square main hall where large and magnificent gilded and large Buddha statues are placed in the most dignified place in the temple. In addition, the right compartment of the main hall is used to worship Ly Quoc Su (ie Zen Master Minh Khong) with two attendants and the left compartment worships the statue of Duc Ong and the statues of Chau Suong and Quan Binh. On the side of Dai Hung Bao Dien is the Ancestral Church, which worships the Great Patriarch of Vietnamese Buddhism.

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3. West Lake Palace

Phu Tay Ho is considered one of the holiest places in the system of temples and pagodas in Hanoi, attracting not only Hanoians, but also tourists. domestic tourism and foreigners come to burn incense and pray for blessings.

And when it comes to Phu Tay Ho, people will immediately think of the worship of Lord Lieu Hanh. In the Vietnamese temple system, Lord Lieu Hanh is one of the four immortals (Son Tinh, Thanh Giong, Chu Dong Tu, Lieu Hanh Thanh Mau), a saint of the four palaces, a belief with a long origin. life and uniqueness of Vietnam.

Temple tour at the beginning of the year

Phu Tay Ho is the place to worship Lord Lieu Hanh in Hanoi – Illustration

Most notably, in the Mother shrines, there are usually three goddess statues placed side by side: Mau Thuong Ngan, Mau Thoai (shui) and Mother Dia. These three mothers form the Three Palaces with the mysterious power of blessing, absolution and release of yoke.

Considered a sacred place, Spiritual tourism at the beginning of the year So on the occasion of the coming New Year and Spring, Tay Ho Palace always welcomes a large number of tourists, in addition to praying for luck and fortune, they also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tay Ho.

4. Ngoc Son Temple

Located on the Pearl Island of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple is one of the most beautiful places in the world cheap travel Attracts tourists and is a unique symbol of Hanoi capital. Experiencing many ups and downs of time, Ngoc Son Temple in Hanoi is still a typical example of space, architecture, and a proud image of the people. land of the past and present.

travel to temples and pagodas at the beginning of the year

Ngoc Son Temple is a symbol of Hanoi’s spiritual tourism – Illustration

The architecture of Ngoc Son temple is one of the typical architectural styles that clearly shows the harmony of religion over thousands of years of civilization. Built according to the Tam-shaped architecture, Ngoc Son Temple in Hanoi mainly worships the god Van Xuong De Quan (who is in charge of literature and examinations) and Tran Hung Dao. In addition, this place also worships Amitabha Buddha, La Dong Tan, Quan Van Truong ….

Ngoc Son Temple – Spiritual tourist destination at the beginning of the year, currently includes an architectural complex that is: Tower Pen, Dai Nghien, The Huc Bridge, Dac Nguyet Lau, Temple and Tran Ba ​​Dinh. All create a majestic beauty, magnificent but also very poetic.

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5. Temple of Literature

Dubbed the first university in Vietnam, the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam is not only a famous historical relic in the capital but also a place containing the quintessence of feudal historical periods. In the past, it is a place to keep traditional values, a speck of gold dust that adorns the historical land of Hanoi.

New Year's Festival travel

Temple of Literature, which is considered a spiritual place to pray for success – Illustration

Quoc Tu Giam Temple was built in 1070 during the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong to worship Confucianism. After that, it became a place to organize exams, aiming to foster talents and train talented people to join in building the country.

Today, the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam has become a place to organize poetry festivals, a place to commend excellent and outstanding students, and a famous sightseeing spot that attracts a large number of tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Hanoi. Hanoi New Year travel. At the same time, this is also a meeting place to “ask for words” of Ha Thanh people during the traditional New Year days with the wish of a peaceful and happy new year.

Ninh Binh, Quang Ninh, Lao Cai or the outskirts of Hanoi have some points Spiritual tourism at the beginning of the year famous. Visitors can plan to go to pagodas, visit temples or travel to festivals at the beginning of the year, which are interesting experiences on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2021.

1. Bai Dinh Pagoda – Ninh Binh

Belonging to the cultural heritage complex Trang An – Ninh Binh, you can spend a day in early 2021 to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda – One of the largest temples in our country. This temple holds many records of Vietnam and Asia such as the largest Golden Buddha. The longest Arhat corridor, the widest jade well,…

Traveling to Bai Dinh Pagoda festival at the beginning of the year

The campus of Bai Dinh Pagoda – Ninh Binh. Photo: ST

Don’t miss your chance to join in New Year’s Festival travel at Bai Dinh Pagoda, opening every year on the 6th of the Lunar New Year with many large-scale activities here.

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2. Tam Chuc Pagoda – Ha Nam

Tam Chuc Pagoda belongs to the Complex spiritual tourism Tam Chuc, this is also the largest temple in the world, where the United Nations Day of Vesak 2019 will be held, promising an impressive spring trip and festival for visitors.

travel to Tam Chuc pagoda at the beginning of the year

Tam Chuc spiritual tourist area – Ha Nam. Photo: ST

Coming to Tam Chuc to celebrate the beginning of the year, do not forget to visit charming pagodas with attractions: Ngoc Pagoda, Tam Bao Palace, Temple of Dharma Master Mau Ni, Kinh Garden, Tam Chuc Communal House…. Every year, the opening ceremony of Tam Chuc Pagoda’s New Year takes place on January 12.

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3. Yen Tu – Dong Pagoda – The first festival tourist destination of the year

Yen Tu is considered the Holy Land of Vietnamese Buddhism, where the first bricks were laid and has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of our country’s Buddhists. Traveling to the spiritual festival at the beginning of the year cannot be missed, Yen Tu – Dong Pagoda (Quang Ninh) complex, so visitors can both enjoy the majestic scenery and bring their sincerity to pray for good things in the new year. for family and loved ones.

Traveling to Dong Pagoda at the beginning of the year

Dong Pagoda – Yen Tu is hazy in the mist. Photo: ST

Besides, Yen Tu on the first day of the year (January 12 every year) always has many interesting and colorful activities. Let’s plan to visit this place on Tet holiday in 2021!

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4. Three Golden Temple – Spiritual tourism in early 2021

Another famous temple in Quang Ninh is Ba Vang Pagoda. This temple has existed since the reign of King Le Du Tong, made of simple wood, today the temple is built on a grand scale, becoming the center of Buddhism in the North. The temple also owns many large and valuable wooden Dharma statues such as Ong Thien, Ong Evil, Quan Am, Buddha Shakyamuni,… Ba Vang Pagoda attracts the most visitors on the opening day of the Spring Festival. the 8th day of the Lunar New Year every year.

Traveling to Ba Vang Pagoda at the beginning of the year

Ba Vang Pagoda, Buddhist center in the North. Photo: ST

5. Temple of Ong Hoang Bay – Model Lao Cai

Although it is not a large-scale temple or temple with beautiful architecture, Than Ve Quoc Hoang Bay Temple, Bao Ha, Lao Cai is still famous for being sacred and getting whatever you want in the North. Near Ong Hoang Bay Temple is Co Tan An Temple, visitors can visit during the journey Spiritual tourism at the beginning of the year mine.

Spiritual tourism at Ong Hoang Bay temple at the beginning of the year

The gate of Ong Hoang Bay Temple in Lao Cai, suitable for a spring trip to celebrate the beginning of the year. Photo: ST

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From the New Year to the end of the 3rd lunar month, the North has many opening ceremonies of major pagodas, depending on your conditions and time budget, you can choose the right place. To make your first spiritual trip to the fullest of the year, Vietnam Booking sends you some experiences:

Go on the right day of the festival: Determine that you will witness an extremely crowded and chaotic scene, if you choose this to go to the temple, you need to prepare mentally and physically as well as preserve your belongings well.

Accompanied by adults and children: It will be very difficult if you go with your family on pilgrimage to the temple far away, have to climb mountains, many stairs. The health of the elderly and children will be greatly affected.

Book a group ride: Indeed, you will save money if you go with a group. In addition, groups of 15 people can rent a private car and be much more proactive in the trip time. Call the hotline 1900 3398 if you need advice on a temple tour at the beginning of the year, the staff of Vietnam Booking will support you in the most professional way!

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