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Đà Lạt tháng 2 có gì đẹp? Kinh nghiệm du lịch mới nhất 2022

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What is beautiful in Dalat in February? Take each other to hide with the super useful Dalat travel secret in February

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  1. Is the weather in Dalat in February cold?Is the weather in Dalat in February cold?
  2. What to wear when traveling to Dalat in February?What to wear when traveling to Dalat in February?
  3. What’s so beautiful about Dalat in February?What’s so beautiful about Dalat in February?
    1. 3.1 See the cherry blossoms dye the whole mountain town pink
    2. 3.2 The sad city is in the dreamy purple color
    3. 3.3 Let’s hold hands to hunt Da Lat rattan
  4. Dalat tour itinerary 3 days 2 nights Dalat tour itinerary 3 days 2 nights

Da Lat is a name that is too familiar to those who are passionate about travel, isn’t it? With the favor of scenery and climate from Mother Nature, Da Lat has made many people “fall in love, go and miss”.

Maybe that’s why recently, Vietnam Booking often receives questions like What is beautiful in Dalat in February? What to wear in Dalat in February… So, to help you have a complete and memorable trip to the city of thousands of flowers, Vietnam Booking will share with you the experience going to Da Lat in February 2022 the following useful.

Worthy of the name “foggy city”, Da Lat always has a cool, cool climate all year round. In which, February can be said to be the most pleasant time in Dalat. Temperatures range from 19 to 24 degrees CelsiusThe weather is not too cold like autumn and winter but not too harsh like summer sun. Especially, if you travel to Da Lat at the end of February, it will be much warmer.

Dalat tourism 2 The weather in Dalat in February is quite pleasant. Photo: ST

However, for those who are still “confused” Is Dalat cold in February? the answer is still yes Please! Because during the day, Dalat in February is sunny and warm, but in the afternoon and at night, the weather will turn cold. However, thanks to this interesting temperature difference, you will experience two seasons in 1 day – a unique feature of this place, right?

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Because the weather has a difference between day and night mentioned above, you should also change your clothes to be appropriate and comfortable:

+ Clothes: During the day, you can put on thin and light “suits” with bright colors to make the picture stand out. A small tip is that you should bring a lot of white, pastel, … will help you have a very romantic photo set, suitable for the spring atmosphere of the city of thousands of flowers.
At night, choose for yourself autumn-winter coats, light and easy-to-move cardigan sweaters. A scarf is also very important. These are all necessary accessories to keep yourself warm for the trip Dalat travel in February this.

Dalat tourism 2 Bring a jacket when going to Dalat in February. Photo: ST

+ Shoes: You can wear boots that are both fashionable and warm. However, note that you should only bring it when going in the city or places where you need to move less. And if you go far from the center, go trekking, … then a pair of sports shoes or flat shoes is the first priority. A small tip is that Da Lat these days sometimes has unexpected drizzle, you should bring an extra pair of “small crab” sandals to prevent your feet from getting wet, which is both easy to get sick and uncomfortable.

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Spring is the season when all kinds of flowers sprout and bloom, all things flourish and shine with life. Therefore, Da Lat, which is known as the “city of thousands of flowers”, becomes more radiant than ever. Let’s take a look at the things not to be missed with Vietnam Booking Going to Da Lat in February you!

See the cherry blossoms dye the whole mountain town pink

February is the time when young people “roar” to hide in the land of peach blossoms. Perhaps because of the dreamy beauty of the city this season. In Da Lat in February, you will see the pink cherry apricot blossoms blooming all over the road. Sometimes, the spring wind passes by, sweeping the fragile, pure peach petals in the footsteps of a traveler far away.

Dalat tourism 2 Da Lat cherry blossom season. Photo: ST

To be immersed in this poetic scene, you should visit the following famous flower viewing places:

  • Tran Hung Dao Street: Flowers grow along both sides of the road in the area of ​​the ancient villa of Cadasa. This is also a favorite wedding photography location for many couples because of the “background” of the flower street and ancient villas with Korean movie titles.

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  • Xuan Huong lake: It is home to many ancient cherry apricot trees of Da Lat. Just imagine, holding hands with your loved one, walking by a clear blue lake, under fading roses, … will probably be unforgettable beautiful memories in life.

Dalat tourism 2 Plum cherries bloom all over the road. Photo: ST

  • Tuyen Lam lake area: Running along the path to the Sculpture Tunnel, you will see cherry blossom trees full of life blooming. You will have beautiful check-in photos without dead corners here. But remember not to break the flower, leave it to the next person to fully admire this beauty!

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  • In addition, you can also admire flowers at Da Quy slope or around Hoang Anh Resort.

Sad city in dreamy purple color

For purple fanatics, February is the perfect time to visit Da Lat. Because this is the season of purple phoenixes starting to return to the city. Every year, purple phoenix usually blooms in March – April. But, this year only in February, purple phoenix flowers appeared on a few streets. Dalat, which used to have a calm beauty like a gentle girl, is now even more sad and quiet.

Dalat tourism 2 Purple phoenix color adorns the sad city. Photo: ST

Going to the following roads, you are surrounded by the memorable purple color:

  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street (near Da Lat market): This can be considered the most famous place to see purple phoenix flowers with phoenix trees that have been planted for a long time. The flowers here are long and beautiful, so many tourists gather here to enjoy.

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  • April 3rd: Although the number is not as many as the market area, but all trees are old, so they are full of beautiful flowers. In addition, if you want to witness the unique white phoenix flower in Vietnam, please stop by Tran Quoc Toan Street!

Dalat tourism 2 Buckwheat flowers bloom in Dalat Milk Farm. Photo: ST

Besides the two flowers mentioned above, you can also see other equally beautiful flowers such as grass flowers and buckwheat. In Da Lat in February, few people forget the triangular buckwheat gardens at Milk Farm. Although the area is not as large as the buckwheat fields in Ha Giang, it is enough to make you ecstatic. The hills of white flowers and grass contribute to adorning the spring beauty of the “city of love”.

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Let’s join hands to hunt Dalat clouds

If asked”What’s in Dalat in February?“, Vietnam Booking will immediately answer “hunting clouds in the mountain town”. Da Lat this season is flooded with clouds, so a lot of young people come to take photos of a lifetime.

Dalat tourism 2 Hunting clouds in the mountain town. Photo: ST

You need to get up very early, around 4am – 5am to be able to hunt Dalat clouds. Or you camp, spend the night in the mountains if you can’t get up early. Try to imagine, sitting on a cold night by a red fire, with friends singing a song on the background of Guitar music, and then welcoming the early morning rays of the day amidst the immense sea of ​​clouds, what’s better?

The most beautiful camping and hunting places in Da Lat include: Langbiang Peak, Hon Bo, Cau Dat Tea Hill, Thien Phuc Duc Hill,…

Dalat tourism 2 Dalat Milk Farm is like Europe. Photo: ST

Besides the above interesting things, visitors to Dalat in February can also experience special activities such as trekking, visiting strawberry garden, virtual living at Bali Heaven Gate, playing sports games. Do outdoor sports at Datanla waterfall, go to pagodas at Truc Lam Zen Monastery,… Or simply relax in Dalat-style cafes, listen to an Acoustic song for a minute to let go of all your worries. in life.

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To visit the outstanding places of Da Lat, you should spend about 3 days and 2 nights for the trip Da Lat in February. You can refer to the following schedule:

Day 1: Phap An Linh Quy – visit the city center – Da Lat market

First, you will visit Linh Quy Phap An – a famous temple from the famous “Lac drift” MV by singer Son Tung MTP. You will get divine virtual life photos at Heaven’s Gate here. Then you can enter the temple to pray for the New Year.

Dalat tourism 2 The majestic Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda. Photo: ST

Then go to see cherry blossoms, phoenix flowers, … Depending on where you live, you can choose the appropriate flower viewing spot. Next, you can visit a romantic coffee shop such as Kokoro, Yen Garden, Waiting for One Person, etc. In the evening, you can go for a walk around Dalat market, enjoy typical cuisine. Cycling around Xuan Huong Lake to admire the cityscape at night is also an interesting activity.

Dalat tourism 2 Da Lat market is the place for divine virtual live photos. Photo: ST

Day 2: Cau Dat tea hill – Cau Giay flower field – Ve Chai Pagoda – Van Hanh Zen Monastery – Langbiang – Strawberry garden

Since it is the second day, you can spend a lot of energy to visit all the beautiful spots in the inner city and suburbs. On this day, you can go on a rattan hunt at the tea hill, live a virtual life with the vast field of Carnations, or the unique Ve Chai pagoda. Come to Van Hanh Monastery to feel the peace and quiet. End the day with conquering Langbiang peak (you can go by Jeep is very new) and eat ripe red berries in season at the garden.

Dalat tourism 2 Beautiful hydrangea garden. Photo: ST

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Day 3: Domain Church – Infinity Lake – Heaven’s Gate Bali

Domain Church with Western-style architecture with the main pink color will give you beautiful “falling” photos. Then you should visit the Infinity Lake and Bali Heaven Gate which is a phenomenon in recent times. You will be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty but still very poetic here. Coming here is considered as the end of a journey that is not long but will definitely leave many unforgettable emotions in you.

Dalat tourism 2 Domaine de Marie Church. Photo: ST

Hopefully with the valuable experiences that Vietnam Booking shared above, you will have a great trip Dalat travel in February complete, memorable. What are you waiting for without contacting the number Hotline 1900 3398 to book now Cheap Dalat Tour any!

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