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Kinh nghiệm đi cắm trại cho người mới (Cập nhật 04/2022)

Along Phat – In recent years, camping has been especially popular with many people, especially for families with young children. On weekends, the Camping sites in Hanoi always crowded with families with tents and food to organize fun activities, meet and exchange friends. For those who have traveled a lot, most of them are fully equipped and experienced. For those of you who are still learning, the camping experiences shared in this article will partly help you in planning your trip.

Camping is an activity that attracts many tourists to participate and respond (Photo –

Before the trip

Find out information

This is probably the issue that many people are most concerned about because all factors of preparation for the trip will depend on where you choose to go. There are two options for choosing camping sites, with each having different advantages and disadvantages.

The free camping spots are sometimes quite crowded and noisy (Photo –

These will usually be public places, you just need to move to the place and choose for yourself a reasonable location.


  • Free (of course)
  • Many options, variety of locations
  • If you know how to choose, there will be beautiful and deserted locations.


  • You need to prepare everything from AZ (including personal hygiene)
  • The level of safety depends on the selected location
The places that charge a fee are unlikely to be less crowded, but it’s safer to stay overnight (Photo –

Understanding the needs of many of you who want to change the wind from time to time, camping with family and friends on weekends, many units have provided rental services for locations, equipment, food, etc. for camping activities. These areas are often well-invested, very complete and have many options to suit the needs of different groups.


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  • Safe because there is always a guard, you can comfortably camp overnight.
  • There are rental items for those of you who don’t have them available
  • There are adequate toilets (quite important)


  • Few choices because there are only a few familiar addresses

Choose a location

Choosing a location will depend a lot on your camping needs (Photo –

After you have learned the information, you need to make a plan to choose a suitable camping site. If you only plan to go during the day, you should only choose destinations under 100 km because with a longer distance, the travel time takes quite a lot, there is no time left. If you go in a large group, you also need to choose places with a large area to have enough space to organize activities. If you plan to camp overnight but do not have much experience, you should choose paid areas or places near residential areas to ensure safety.

Check the weather

Weather is a factor that affects a lot of trip planning (Photo –

Choosing the location and time of the trip, you should monitor the weather to have prepared plans. If the weather has complicated developments such as heavy rain, strong winds or even the risk of storms, the trips should be stopped to ensure safety.

Prepare your furniture

Camping gear

Should calculate in advance the amount of things to bring to be able to arrange the most compact way (Photo –

Before you go, you should create a list of things to bring on paper and then check again to make sure it’s not missing. The amount of things to bring depends on the purpose of the trip, if the camping site is a place where you have to walk and carry a backpack, you should make it as compact as possible. If the camping site is easy to move around, the amount of gear to bring depends on the load capacity of your vehicle.


Food should be prepared from home and kept cold, only need to be processed when it arrives (Photo –

Similarly, the calculation of the amount of food also needs to be detailed and careful because there are places that do not sell items, the lack of items will affect the trip. Fresh foods should be seasoned from home, stored in coolers. Food should also be sorted by meal and divided into different bins instead of all in one box. When all are gathered, the continuous opening and opening of the coolers will reduce the cold incubation time, causing the food to not be preserved well.

If there are no coolers available, you can buy Styrofoam boxes and then buy ice cubes to keep food cold. The food should be placed at the bottom of the container and then covered with ice (because the cold will always sink to the bottom).


Drinking water can be divided into 2 types, one used for direct drinking, you can choose bottled drinking water (if you go with many people, you can buy 5-liter bottles for compactness). Another type of water used for cooking or washing items, just use water at home to put it in suitable bottles to carry, in large groups you can bring 20 liter bottles.

Cooking stove

Using existing stone bricks to build a kitchen to reduce things to carry (Photo –

Most camping trips often have a BBQ party as the main meal, you only need to use about a few kilograms of coal to be enough for this purpose, if the need for cooking is little (such as boiling water to make tea, coffee …) Just bring a mini travel gas stove.

Firewood you can find yourself or buy from locals near the camping site (Photo –

If camping overnight, the need for cooking is a lot, you should prepare a wood stove. Firewood can be brought from home (if the vehicle is large) or purchased at camping sites.


Basically, each person needs at least 2 outfits to use on the trip. Depending on the terrain and weather, you should bring appropriate clothes.

Medical supplies

Should bring at least insect repellent, cotton gauze and antiseptic to treat the wound. In addition, medicines to reduce fever, abdominal pain …. You should also bring it if you intend to camp overnight.

Choosing camping in deserted places, far from residential areas, you should prepare a more complete medical bag to use when needed.

Vehicle inspection

If you plan to camp in locations far from residential areas, you should check your vehicle carefully before the trip (Photo –

Before each trip, vehicles should be checked carefully to limit problems that may arise on the road. Some basic factors to check are as follows:

  • Check tire, brake, spare tire (car)
  • Check engine oil, coolant (car)
  • Bring a basic car repair kit, a spare tube to change yourself in case of need (for motorbikes)

At the campsite

Transporting things

With a folding stroller, it will be much easier to transport things (Photo –

If you can stop the car right at the campsite, that’s fine, but if you have to stop outside and walk to the campsite, it takes a lot of time to carry your belongings. The solution is to prepare strollers (carts or separate strollers for camping) that fold and carry. With a stroller, you will be much more leisurely than carrying it by hand.


The first thing on arrival is probably setting up a tent to have a place to store things and rest temporarily, setting up the tent is also relatively quick (especially now there are many types of self-expanding tents). If you decide to sleep overnight, you also need to set up your tent early before it gets dark.

Don’t sleep through the night

Set up a tent to play during the day, you just need to choose a cool location (Photo –

If you just set up a tent for fun during the day, you just need to choose a place where the terrain is flat, the ground is moderately hard to place the tent. If the ground is too hard, it will be difficult to pin the stake, if the ground is too soft, the stake will be easily broken (with normal tent pins). If you do not sleep overnight, you can choose the tent door to be the direction of the wind to keep the tent cool.

Sleep over night

A tarpaulin can be used to cover the roof of the tent, both reducing dew on the roof and reducing pressure on the tent if it rains, with tents that have good coverage, it can be ignored (Photo –

Setting up a tent to sleep overnight, you change a bit, because the places where you camp often have many trees, near rivers and lakes, so it is relatively cool at night (even cold depending on the season). Therefore, in addition to the flat location, you need to choose a bit more airtight location. Before setting up the tent, spread a tarpaulin underneath (just fit the bottom of the tent, if the canvas is left out, rain water may flow back into the tent), and after setting up the tent, also use a large canvas to cover the entire area. tent roof. In case of heavy rain, the tarp on the roof of the tent will reduce the rain pressure directly on the tent (if you already have the tanks, you don’t need to, use this tank to cover the roof of the tent)

In addition, you need to avoid locations such as under trees, near river beds or streams because these places when it rains are also relatively dangerous. Another general rule is to avoid setting up tents, cooking or cleaning personal hygiene near water sources so as not to affect any problems.

If you feel that there is a risk of heavy rain, you can use a shovel to create deep and wide trenches around the tent so that water does not flow into the tent in case it rains. The trench should face towards the foot of the slope if the terrain is not flat, if the terrain is flat it is possible to dig holes for water at right angles to the trench.


Lighting positions should be set up before it gets dark, in addition, bring headlamps for convenient use (Photo –

Before it gets dark, set up locations for hanging lights and decorative wires to use. If using a fuel-burning lamp, pay attention to choose a firm position to fix the lamp, if left in or near the tent, be careful because the heat can damage your items.

If using battery-powered lights, buy lights that use removable 18650 batteries. This type of lamp can be easily replaced when the battery runs out, and the duration of use is comfortable (as long as you carry a sufficient number of batteries). In addition to hand-held flashlights, if possible, you should also equip with a forehead light to be able to free your hands in some cases.

Make a fire

Group kitchens in airtight locations, away from tent areas (Photo –

Select an airtight area, away from tents and vehicles to avoid causing a fire. If you are in the forest, use a grill or create a separate space before lighting a fire to limit the potential for forest fires. Using a little dry alcohol will make it easier to group coals or burn wood.


Unless you are a person with a special passion for cooking, love to prepare complex dishes even when camping or simply this is your hobby. If not, you should make it as compact as possible, to spend time playing, sightseeing, reading and relaxing. Grilled dishes are prepared at home, when eaten, grilled on the spot is often the most popular choice. Bread, instant noodles, cold food with fruits and a few salads are also good choices.


If your campsite is located near a residential area, or simply that the location has many other groups also there, you should limit your work as much as possible to affect others. You can play music or sing, but only within your tent area. Lots of groups brought in box speakers and sang karaoke in the midst of hundreds of people.

Clean up

Fire extinguisher

Don’t leave any embers before you leave (Photo –

Before you leave, remember to extinguish any remaining sparks. Use water to pour over the fire locations, look until the remaining coal or firewood is completely wet (in some cases, pour water on but the amount is too small, the remaining remnants may still be damaged). blown up just by the wind.To be more secure, after pouring the water you can use a shovel to shovel the soil on top.

Clear the trash

Many camping sites are littered with bluffs that look like a landfill, burning rubbish does not completely erase the traces and still affects the environment. Therefore, before leaving, please collect all the garbage in the bag and return it to its original position. Maintaining general hygiene is also to ensure that the next time you will continue to go there, do not let small unconscious actions affect others.

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