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Vung Tau city in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province is the economic, financial, cultural, tourism, transportation, and educational center of the Southeast region. Vung Tau is one of the important tourist destinations in the South, famous for its natural beauty of clear blue beaches and the most luxurious resorts today. One trip Cheap Vung Tau travel will give visitors extremely interesting experiences about the sea and islands and a peaceful vacation with fresh nature.

The ideal time to travel to Vung Tau

Ba Ria – Vung Tau as well as the Southern provinces in general belong to the tropical monsoon climate zone, with two distinct seasons a year.

When to travel Vung Tau?

The rainy season starts from May to October, the dry season starts from November and lasts until April next year, the average annual temperature is from 24°C – 28°C. You can travel to Vung Tau all year round because the temperature here is neither too cold nor too hot, suitable for sightseeing and participating in fun activities at sea.

Transportation to Vung Tau

Vung Tau is far from the city. Ho Chi Minh is about 125km, is a great place for a short trip for you and your family. You can join the Vung Tau tour by 3 types of means of transport such as by motorbike, passenger car or hydrofoil.

  • If you ride a motorbike, it will take about 3 to 3.5 hours, you will follow Highway 1, cross Dong Nai bridge, turn right along Highway 51 and go about 100km more. The second way, from Ho Chi Minh City, you can follow the road from Cat Lai ferry to Nhon Trach (Dong Nai), go to Highway 51, the entrance to Nhon Trach Industrial Park goes about 20km more.

What means of transport should you use to travel Vung Tau?

If you are traveling from the North and the Central region, it is best to buy air tickets of domestic airlines such as Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines to Ho Chi Minh City and then buy tickets according to the above itineraries.


Where to stay when traveling to Vung Tau?

Hotels in Vung Tau From luxury to affordable, depending on your personal conditions, you can easily choose a suitable hotel for yourself. In order to easily see the sea and walk along the coast, you can choose hotels on Ha Long, Thuy Van, and Tran Phu streets, if the hotels inside are cheaper.

Where should you stay when traveling to Vung Tau?

You can refer to the travel agency Some hotels in Vung Tau with different prices are below to have a pleasant rest after tiring days of sightseeing:

The main tourist attractions of Vung Tau

Spiritual tourist sites

Vung Tau travel experience

Some major festivals of Vung Tau city

self-sufficient Vung Tau tourism experience

Beautiful places to take pictures in Vung Tau

In sightseeing itineraries cheap travel, Surely you will not forget to record the most impressive moments to make memories at the places that you have passed.

Vung Tau travel guide from a to z

To get the best photo albums at the memory of Vung Tau, go to the following beautiful places: Statue of Christ, White Palace, Vung Tau Lighthouse, Pineapple Beach (also known as Lang Du beach). ), Rocks in the area of ​​Front Beach, Ho Tram, Ho Coc Beach, Con Dao, Suoi O Beach, Long Hai…

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Beautiful beaches

Vung Tau back beach is famous for its beautiful coastline, fine white sand and few big waves, this is also home to many luxury hotels and bustling dining areas. The back beach also has the famous Thuy Van street with many hotels from affordable to high-class, so visitors will have a lot of choices about places to rest and have fun.

Front Beach is located in the center of Vung Tau city – where the buildings and busiest shopping areas are located in the city, but the sea of ​​the front beach is quite polluted due to the density of residents and tourists. crowded. The front beach is the perfect place for you to watch the sunset or go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air.

Where to go to Vung Tau to play?

Long Hai is about 110 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the Northeast, this is a popular resort destination for many guests domestic tourism favorite. Long Hai beach is beautiful with clear blue water, stretching golden sand, luxurious resorts near the sea and especially with many fresh seafood at relatively cheap prices, do not forget to explore Binh Chau hot mineral springs. .

Ho Coc – Ho Tram in Xuyen Moc district, is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists by its rare wild features, with clear blue water in sandy bottom, wide white sand, gentle slopes and big rocks that make up large rocks. The waves of the sea blowing white foam are extremely beautiful.

Suoi O Beach is located in Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district with smooth white sand with immense blue sea, is one of the rare beaches in Vietnam that has both fresh water and salt water.

attractive place of Vung Tau tourism

Con Dao is one of the most famous tourist destinations that make up the tourism brand of the coastal city of Vung Tau with a clear beach, green coconut trees and a long stretch of white sand. A wild beauty and almost untouched by humans, Con Dao is considered a rare tourist paradise in Vietnam.

Enjoy Vung Tau cuisine

Vung Tau is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, clear blue beaches, but also makes a strong impression on visitors when booking. domestic tour with delicious dishes. Coming here, you will enjoy banh khot, a variety of seafood, coffee, Russian-style dishes with a variety of delicious places to eat in Vung Tau that are loved by tourists everywhere.

What to eat when traveling to Vung Tau?

You can visit famous restaurants such as: Pho Binh, Noodles with Nghiep Ky, Pho Quyen, rolls, vermicelli, eel vermicelli, Bun Cha West Lake, Dinh An porridge, pork belly at Tuan restaurant, Com Nieu Hoa Milk, Nha La restaurant, Bamboo restaurant in Bai Dau, Ganh Hao restaurant, Sunflower broken rice, Bay Giai fish head hot pot restaurant, Stingray hot pot, Mango garden restaurant specializing in apricot fish salad, Le Dung seafood restaurant, Five-storey snail, Co Ne grilled shop, Ba Hai banh khot…

If you want to buy homemade seafood or bring it home as a gift, go to Luoi market, this is a small but very rich local seafood market and the price is quite cheap. The market sells a lot of seafood from 6 am – 7 am and 4 am – 5 pm, because that is when the boats going to the sea dock, so you will buy kg of extremely fresh seafood.

Some useful information to know

Vung Tau is a bustling coastal city with beautiful scenery and fresh air, so every night you should rent a bicycle to visit the city. You should contact the hotel for car rental support, reliable and quality restaurants, do not go to restaurants introduced by taxi or motorbike taxi drivers to avoid being charged expensive prices. It is advisable to look carefully at the price list when entering a strange restaurant and be able to ask the price carefully in advance.

A beautiful place to take photos when traveling to Vung Tau

On weekends or Tet holidays, Vung Tau is usually very crowded, so you should contact to book your hotel early, to avoid high prices or no rooms. You should also avoid swimming during the period that local authorities have warned from before 6 am – after 7 pm from April to September, before 6 am – after 6 pm from October to March next year .

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