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Muôn nẻo đường khám phá du lịch Tây Bắc tháng 8

Traveling to the Northwest in August Come to explore beautiful lands, where we will be immersed in nature, experience many exciting activities at unique destinations. Going to experience, going to see many roads Vietnam still has many attractive things waiting for visitors to discover.

These place Northwest tourism The climate is usually cool all year round, even with snowfall like in Sapa in winter because the terrain is much higher than in other areas. The cool climate is a favorable condition for tourism in this area to develop, winning the hearts of a large number of guests domestic tourism Come to escape the sweltering heat of the city or experience the different cold.

August in the Northwest has turned into autumn, which is the season of specialties such as bitter bamboo shoots, wild bamboo shoots, and mustard greens. At this time, the area will no longer see heavy rains like summer days. Instead, the forest rains gradually thin and the Northwest Passes are also at the most beautiful time of the year. All blend together to create a picture of a rustic, peaceful but beautiful highland sobbing.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustNorthwest weather in August has reduced the rain forest (Photo: Collected)

Besides the poetic and majestic natural scenery with high mountains, terraced fields winding around the mountainside or winding passes, the Northwest tourism also makes us flutter with its diverse cultural beauty. , learn about people and characteristics of ethnic groups.

Most of the Northwest is the cultural space of the Thai people, with typical Xoe dances, especially the famous spreading flower dance. The ethnic group with the largest population in the region is the Muong. Besides, there are also the H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Kinh, Nung… If you’ve ever been there. Northwest tour Surely you will not be able to forget the image of Thai girls with their typical brilliant dresses.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustNorthwest culture with unique traditional dances (Photo: Collectibles)

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When the rice is done, it’s time to go in season of bitter bamboo shoots, wild bamboo shoots and mustard greens of the Northwesterners. At this time, everyone rushes to the forest to pick bamboo shoots to make dried bamboo shoots to prepare for Tet and sell them to people below. Bitter bamboo shoots, Northwest forest bamboo shoots along with cat cabbage are precious specialties, loved by many people and have high economic value. To go Northwest travel in August Come here, don’t forget to buy some gifts for your family and loved ones.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustAugust is the season of bitter bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and mustard greens (Photo: Collected)

In August, the Northwest forest rains have begun to thin and stop completely, the trees are lush and it is also the time when the passes are at their most beautiful level of the year. Just try to imagine the scene you are sitting on a motorbike crossing the pass, the side is the lush forest and the side is the dreamy green rice fields in the cool, chilly air. Surely we will have an indescribable feeling of lightheadedness, the love for our country in our homeland will be many times greater.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustThe beautiful passes in the Northwest attract the footprints of backpackers (Photo: Collectibles)

first. Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai

At the end of August, when the weather is autumn, the terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai have begun to ripen. At this time, many tourists have chosen the program cheap tour to go to see the beautiful ripe rice road here. In August, this place is green to the eyes because the rice fields are in their teenage years, the peaceful and simple beauty of the northern mountains of Vietnam seems to be more clearly depicted here than ever.

Throughout the Mu Cang Chai valley, the aroma of new rice is clearly visible, each radiant and excited face of the people when participating in the harvest festival is clearly displayed in front of visitors. Surely traveling to the Northwest in August to the mountainous area of ​​Mu Cang Chai will be a beautiful journey for everyone.

The attractive destinations of Yen Bai that are frequently visited by tourists are: Khau Pha Pass, Mam Xoi Hill…

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustMu Cang Chai with splendid terraced fields (Photo: Collectibles)

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2. Sapa – Lao Cai

Sapa has always been known as a temperate country with cool and pleasant weather all year round. Coming to this town in the clouds, where many mysteries are hidden, Sapa tourists will discover the charming landscape, the unique life of the ethnic minority community here. Travel to Sapa bringing the poetic features of the Northwest highland markets, of couples in colorful costumes dating, meeting, singing and communicating through the sound of flute, trumpet, and lip lute. Every year, this is also a destination that attracts a large number of foreign and domestic tourists to explore and experience.

The scenery of Sapa in August has the green colors of trees and rice fields. Because the air in this season is very fresh and cool after light rains. Especially at this time, Lao Chai Ta Van terraced fields look like an attractive princess, with a brilliant yellow color.

Some popular attractions in Sapa in August: Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Sapa Ancient Church, Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village…

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustSapa owns a charming landscape with lush green trees and rice fields (Photo: Collectibles)

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3. Moc Chau – Son La

Moc Chau – Son La is also a tourist destination in the Northwest of August that is interested and preferred by many people. Because this place has many attractive destinations with poetic nature before the eyes. Although the month of Moc Chau has neither flowers nor fruit, but August quietly like a princess sleeping in the forest waiting for the time to wake up also has a very unique beauty.

In particular, visitors to Moc Chau in August can also get lost among the smooth green tea hills, covering a large space. Where all fatigue also seems to melt away with the green tea buds, knitted under the fingers, into the cool tea trunk.

Because it’s not in the peak tourist season, we can comfortably enjoy the scenery of Moc Chau: Heart Tea Hill, Strip Bim Waterfall, Pine Hill in Ban Ang, Happy Land…

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustMoc Chau in August with green tea hills in front of eyes (Photo: Collectibles)

4. Mai Chau – Peace

Mai Chau is located closest to Hanoi capital among destinations in the Northwest. This place has the gentle beauty of villages, peaceful rice fields, fresh and cool air. Traveling to Mai Chau at this time, we can leisurely cycle through the villages and upland fields. Looking at the scenery in the distance is each undulating mountain range in the afternoon sun, majestic and peaceful.

Destinations in Mai Chau this August: Thung Khe Pass, Thac Bo Cave, Lac village, Mai Chau Ecolodge…

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustMai Chau Ecolodge is located in the middle of an impressive country space (Photo: Collectibles)

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Dubbed the paradise of many delicious and unique dishes, the Northwest cuisine has attracted many visitors to enjoy. The following Vietnam Booking Please list some of the most delicious and impressive dishes in this land.

first. Paing top

The name sounds strange, but this is actually a special grilled fish dish of the Thai people in the Northwest. The most special feature of Paing top Probably comes from the way of processing, marinated with many kinds of spices such as ginger, lemongrass, fresh chili, coriander, herbs, fresh onion, basil… In which the indispensable thing is mac Khen, a spice. typical taste here.

Pa ping top will be wrapped with bamboo sticks and grilled on a charcoal fire to make the flavor more intense, penetrating deeply into each layer of meat. Guests can enjoy with a little sticky rice dotted with occipital diagonal, adding spicy corn wine to full flavor.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustPa ping top is a grilled fish dish of Thai people in the Northwest (Photo: Collectibles)

2. Noodles

This is a typical dish of the Thai ethnic group in Mai Chau. The main ingredient is the organs of the animals are mixed, then simmered with the bones until it is sweet enough. Comes with spices like chili, garlic, and mac Khen.

The dish is not eye-catching, it has the bitter taste of forest leaves and the strong smell from the internal organs of pigs and cows, so it will make some people uncomfortable. But if you slowly taste it, you will find it is also quite delicious and attractive.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustNam Pia has a slightly picky taste (Photo: Collectibles)

3. Thang Co

This dish was originally a typical traditional food of the H’mong people, and was later introduced to the Kinh, Dao, and Tay ethnic groups. The word Thang Co is a transliteration of the word “Thang Co”, which means “pot of water” in Mong language. Traditionally, the meat used to prepare thang co is horse meat, later with beef, buffalo and pork. Traditional seasonings include salt, cardamom, geodip, cinnamon, and lemon leaves, which are grilled, finely chopped, and marinated in meat before stir-frying.

The pots of Thang Co in the highland markets are usually very large, enough for several dozen people to eat. Bat Thang tries to scoop out the waves of lean meat, fatty meat and green viscera. The original Thang Co of the ethnic people in the markets is often a bit difficult to eat, but in the restaurants, it has been modified a lot to suit the Kinh’s taste.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustThang co is a unique dish of the H’mong people with ingredients of lean meat, fatty meat and viscera (Photo: Collectibles)

4. Kitchen guard meat

This is a special dish of the Black Thai people used to treat distinguished guests. Kitchen guard meat is made from corn of buffaloes, cows and pigs that are free-range in the Northwest mountains. The spicy flavor of chili mixed with the spicy taste of ginger, along with the spice of the macadamia nut and the smell of wood smoke, has made up the signature flavor of the delicious grilled pork belly.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustCooked meat is very popular in the Northwest (Photo: Collectibles)

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Don’t let your journey be interrupted with unnecessary problems, take a look at some of the notes that we need to know when traveling to the Northwest.

Traveling to the Northwest in AugustBring light luggage to easily explore the Northwest (Photo: Hien Nguyen)

In order not to miss the enchanting and magical moments of the iridescent golden terraced fields, do not hesitate to book a tour now. Northwest travel in August our package. Immediately contact the call center 1900 3398 If you need advice please.

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