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Mai Chau is a valley located in the west of Hoa Binh province, bordering Moc Chau district (Son La). This place is not only a place with many majestic and attractive natural beauty but also imbued with the cultural identity of mountainous ethnic groups.

If book cheap tour to Mai Chau from Vietnam Booking you will have the opportunity to feel and fully enjoy those cultural values. And especially, if coming Mai Chau tourism in September This time you also have the opportunity to explore the unique mountain festival season.

Mai Chau known as a small town located in the valley of Mai Chau district. It is 35km from Tan Lac district and about 135km from Hanoi city center. Most of the people here are Muong, Thai and Kinh people.

Although Mai Chau does not have many attractive tourist destinations like Moc Chau, it has the wild and poetic beauty of nature, fresh cool air and diversity in culture and cuisine.

Mai Chau tourism in September

In Mai Chau, you can come here to travel in all seasons of the year. Because each season will have many special activities that attract many tourists to visit. But according to the latest Mai Chau travel experience from Vietnam Booking, you should come Mai Chau tourism in September because this is the time when many festivals are gathered. Among them, the most prominent is Independent festival.

At this time, the climate is still a bit chilly from 18-25 degrees Celsius. However, it is still much cooler and more comfortable. In addition, you can also come and enjoy ripe rice season gold in the fields. This is considered a “symbol” of the mountainous ethnic people.

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In the last days of August, people in the highlands of Mai Chau began to prepare for the Independence Day. This is a big holiday of the year, so people temporarily put aside their evil work and clean up the alleys together.

Independent festival of Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) usually takes place many days in a row. Beginning with the celebration, then a series of festivals with many folk games, dances of the Xoe dance, and the purse dance all night long.

Mai Chau tourism in September

In each stilt house of the people, everyone is busy with their own work. Men take care of pork, women prepare sticky rice cakes. In particular, every time the festival comes, the villagers enjoy enthusiastic and vibrant volleyball matches. There are also board games, stick pushing…

The children also looked like that, more excited than usual. They have new clothes to go out, have more friends to gather and have fun in that bustling festive atmosphere. Arrive Mai Chau tourism in September Here, wherever you go, you will hear the echoing gongs, the sounds of cheering and singing, and the smooth and graceful singing throughout the region.

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first. Thung Khe Pass

Thung Khe Pass Also known as White Stone Pass. This place is called “Four Seasons Day” because a day has the nuances of the seasons of the year. In the early morning, the first rays of sunlight penetrate the floating clouds. By noon, it was tinged with the golden color of ripe rice. In the afternoon, the air is cool and the sunlight is gentle, and in the evening, it becomes bitterly cold like winter days.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Thung Khe Pass is located between Tan Lac and Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) on National Highway 6. On the way to the pass you will be immersed in the magnificent natural space with romantic and charming scenery. And yet, you can also stop to visit the roadside stalls and enjoy grilled corn, grilled meat with a cup of warm tea.

2. Mai Chau flagpole

Mai Chau tourism in September

After leaving Thung Khe Pass, there is a place that you cannot miss because of its unique symbol: Mai Chau flagpole. Standing here you can see the whole beauty of Mai Chau. Before this vacant land was used for sightseeing, but later, a flagpole was built as a landmark for visitors to check-in and save memorable moments.

3. Mo Luong Cave

Itinerary for the North Vietnam tour package cannot be complete without the tourist attraction of Mo Luong Cave. Mo Luong Cave belongs to the system of Pu Kha mountain ranges in Mai Chau town. This place is about 2km from Lac village.

Mai Chau tourism in September

This is always one of the ideal travel destinations for those who love to experience and explore nature. The cave has 4 main caves Impressive block of stalactites that create many unique and fancy shapes.

And yet, at the end of the trip to visit Mo Luong cave, you also have the opportunity to witness a very special underground stream flowing into the lake.

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4. Lac village

Mai Chau tourism in September Definitely can’t miss the name Lac version. This place is not only a village of locals but also a famous tourist destination, so you should check-in every time you visit Mai Chau.

Mai Chau tourism in September

This place is not crowded and noisy, but has the appearance of a small village, containing many cute, close and friendly things. Those who have had the opportunity to come here feel at home.

The famous point of Lac village is bold imprint Thai culture. People here mainly make a living by growing rice and weaving brocade.

5. Pom Coong version

If you book a cheap tour to the Northwest, you should choose Mai Chau to fully explore the beauty of village life. In addition to Lac village, this place is also famous for Pom Cong version. What attracts visitors here to explore is the fresh air, clean water and peaceful lifestyle.

Pom Coong is a name with many figurative meanings. It is understood that the village is located on the hills with a large drum. This mountainous cultural village is famous for its unique stilt houses, houses that grow close together, sometimes just separated by vegetable beds.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Visiting the village, you can easily see the image of Thai girls plying their trade Brocade products unique at the foot of the stilt house. These souvenirs are usually bags, shirts, towels … woven with unique brocade. That is also one of the cultural beauties that domestic and international tourists are attracted to when coming to Pom Coong village.

In addition, visitors to Pom Coong can also enjoy the typical Xoe dances, the gong festival, the wine drinking festival and many other unique festivals.

6. Go Lao Waterfall

More than 15km from the city center, Go Lao waterfall belongs to Phuc San commune. Arrive Mai Chau tourism You should not only visit the mountains and villages, but also spend time in the streams and waterfalls.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Go Lao Waterfall There are 2 small waterfalls flowing from a height of about 15m. This place is also quite convenient for you and your family to hold a party right next to it because there is an empty lot. However, you also need to check the weather forecast before moving. If it rains, the road to the waterfall is quite slippery and dangerous to life.

7. Pa Co fair market

Pa Co fair market nearly 40km from Mai Chau town. The market is located between the centers of 3 communes: Hang Kia, Pa Co (Mai Chau, Hoa Binh) and Loong Luong (Moc Chau, Son La). Going to the mountains to visit without visiting Phien Pa Co Market is a big omission.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Pa Co fair is only open on every Sunday. People here have to get up early in the morning when the fog covers the mountains and forests in time for this special market. This place is not only a place to exchange, buy and sell goods, but also an opportunity for relatives to meet, exchange cultures and exchange stories about life.

Although it takes place infrequently, on the day of the organization, the market is as busy and bustling as the festivals. Visitors here also live in the most unique mountainous cultural space.

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first. Green rice

Lam rice is always the most famous dish in the journey of discovery Mai Chau tourism in September. This dish is too familiar to the people of the mountains. Green rice is cooked in young bamboo tubes, the inside is filled with rice, peanuts, grated coconut… then grilled on fire. When the rice is cooked, people eat it with sesame salt, sesame salt and grilled meat.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Although the dish looks simple, it requires the cook to be meticulous and skillful. Cook so that the rice is just cooked, fragrant and not burnt. When the water in the tube is dry and the rice is just cooked, people take a knife to peel it off. The rice is both flexible and fragrant, which is standard.

2. Noodles sticky rice

Mai Chau people cook sticky rice not only by choosing ordinary sticky rice but also by choosing the right kind sticky rice. This is a type of sticky rice grown by Thai people on terraced fields located in Mai Chau valley.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Glutinous rice is soaked for many hours to soften the sticky rice before making sticky rice. Here, people put sticky rice in a wooden box to ripen by steam. After the glutinous rice has a strong aroma, stir well to cook evenly. Then put it back in the wooden bowl and the next thing to make sure the sticky rice is cooked.

Therefore, when traveling to Mai Chau, you must try it right away Nuong sticky rice This is delicious and unique. Definitely the right dish for those days Mai Chau tourism in September Romantic and attractive.

3. Muong pork

Add one Mai Chau’s specialty that you definitely have to enjoy is Muong pork. This type has a long body, a pointed snout, and is raised in natural conditions. That is, in the forest, only feeding plants, not using industrial forage. Perhaps that is why the meat is always firm, low in fat and has a characteristic aroma.

Mai Chau tourism in September

The dish, after being grilled on a pink fire, has a natural sweet taste. This is one of the dishes imbued with the culinary culture of the Northwest.

4. Bamboo shoots

Mai Chau tourism in September

This is a specialty of Mai Chau mountains and is always available in every meal of the people here. Bamboo shoots It is often picked by people to pickle or dry to eat through the day as a “vegetable”. Bamboo shoots here are not ordinary bamboo shoots but have a very strange bitter taste.

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5. Mai Ha Wine

Specialties Mai Ha wine It is a famous wine that everyone who comes here must try. Wine is distilled from yeast leaves. The ingredients for making yeast must have at least 9 types of forest leaves with: pomelo, guava, cat’s chest, red skin, chuck choo, bell, barnacle, broken owl, and owl. This mixture takes 3 days to ferment. After the yeast is opaque white, the control is stored in the pot.

Mai Chau tourism in September

Mai Ha Wine Also special in transparency with a strong fragrance spread. Wine can be used to sip with delicious bait or also used as a massage wine.

6. Floating leaf water

Mai Chau people will look for forest leaves available in the process of farming. These leaves are then dried, cut into small pieces and cooked to make drinking water. This leaf juice has acrid taste and aroma like traditional medicine.

Mai Chau tourism in September

People here often use water float leaves make daily drink because it has very good use in stimulating digestion, nourishing and increasing the body’s resistance.

Here are the most detailed sharing about the journey Mai Chau tourism in September From sightseeing times, attractive tourist destinations to attractive specialties. Don’t hesitate to call now Vietnam Booking 1900 3398 for support and advice on booking a cheap tour today.

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