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[REVIEW] Lịch trình du lịch Lý Sơn tự túc 4 ngày 3 đêm cực chi tiết

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What’s good about Ly Son Island? Here are a very detailed review of the 4-day 3-night self-sufficient Ly Son tour that you definitely have to save right away!

General introduction about Ly Son island

Ly Son Island Also known as Cu Lao Re. This is an island district in the territory of Quang Ngai province, 15 nautical miles from the mainland in the northeast direction. Ly Son island district is the relic of lava eruptions from the volcano tens of millions of years ago. Today, Ly Son has become a famous tourist island district with beautiful natural scenery.

Ly Son island district consists of 3 small islands: Big island, Be island and Mu Cu island. This place is known as the Maldives of Vietnam. In addition, Ly Son island district is also an important administrative unit in terms of socio-economic and national security and defense of our country. In Ly Son, people’s main occupation is catching seafood and cultivating extremely famous Ly Son black garlic.

Self-sufficient Ly Son tourism

Self-sufficient Ly Son tour (@trahuyduc)

Time to travel to Ly Son self-sufficient

Ly Son island district belongs to the tropical monsoon climate, so it is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts from September to February next year, and the dry season from March to August. However, in Ly Son there is also an unseasonal rainy season from February to July. The average temperature in Ly Paint is about 25 – 30 degrees.

When should you travel to Ly Son on your own? The dry season around June to September is the most ideal time to travel to Ly Son. During this time, the weather is quite stable, sunny, suitable for taking pictures and swimming in the island. This is also the peak tourist season of the year in Ly Son.

Summer is the most suitable time to travel to Ly Son on your own with friends

Summer is the best time to travel to Ly Son (@goccualien)

In addition, you can also visit Ly Son during the festival season in the third lunar month, this time in Ly Son, there is a ceremony to honor the Hoang Sa soldiers – a festival held to pay tribute to the heroes from Vietnam. Many generations have sacrificed to protect the sea and islands. During the festival, there are many traditional activities that attract many tourists and people to participate.

How to move when traveling to Ly Son self-sufficient?

Means of transportation to Ly Son

Vehicles to travel Ly Son self-sufficient is a ship. Before that, you need to book a plane ticket to Chu Lai to get to Quang Ngai, then move to Sa Ky port and buy a train ticket to the island. Airfares to Chu Lai are very cheap, only ranging from 59,000 VND – 159,000 VND (fares do not include taxes), depending on where you depart from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, flight time. in about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Sea ships from Sa Ky port to Ly Son island cost 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND / time depending on the type of boat or speedboat, the travel time will take 2 hours. You can order train tickets online or buy tickets at the port.

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High-speed train to travel to Ly Son self-sufficient

High-speed train to travel to Ly Son

The main means of transportation when traveling to Ly Son is a motorbike, there are many motorbike rental points on the island with prices from 120,000 VND – 200,000 VND/day/car. Besides, most hotels on the island have car rental services, so you can also rent a car at the hotel you book without leaving ID card or rental deposit. Moving between Big islands, Be islands and Mu Cu islands, you will go by speedboat for about 35,000 VND/time.

Where should self-sufficient Ly Son travel?

You should book a guesthouse in the East village of the Big Island, because it’s near the seafood market and attractions. Besides, the motels and hotels here all have motorbike rental services with pretty good prices, from only 100,000 VND/car/day. My friends and I have booked Hoa An Hostel in Dong village. The price of 1 room is 250,000 VND / double room for 3 girls and single room for 2 boys is 200,000 VND / room.

In addition, I will suggest you some places to stay on the island such as Muong Thanh Holiday Ly Son with price from 1,400,000 VND/night, Ngoc Ly Son Beach Hotel from 300,000 VND/night, Hoang Sa Resort prices from 400,000 VND / night, … are hotels that are loved by many self-sufficient Ly Son tourists.

Suggestions for Ly Son self-sufficient travel itinerary 4 days 3 nights

Day 1: Explore Thoi Loi mountain, seafood market

– Morning: Our group begins the journey Ly Son self-sufficient tourism with flight Hanoi – Chu Lai Airport from 8:00 am to 9:45 am, then check in and move out of the airport, there is an airport car to go to Quang Ngai bus station for free (about 40 minutes). From Quang Ngai Bus Station, you can take a bus to Sa Ky Port for only 13,000 VND/person. Or if you want to go faster but don’t want to rush to move things, you should take a taxi and bargain for the price from 200,000 VND to 250,000 VND.

Sa Ky Port train ticket to Ly Son Big Island

Sa Ky Port train ticket to Ly Son Big Island

Next, I took a boat to Ly Son island. Speedboats from Sa Ky port to Ly Son island usually have 5 trips: 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Ticket buying time starts at 6 am, after you have bought your ticket, while waiting at the port, there is a loudspeaker and the ship moves through Ly Son island, please carry your backpack and get on the train.

– Noon: Around 13:00 we were at Big Island, check in to rest and eat.

The speedboat takes about 2 hours from Sa Ky port to Big Island. You should book a guesthouse in Dong village, because it’s near the seafood market and places to visit. Motorbike rental service at the guesthouse in the village is 100k/car/day excluding petrol.

– Afternoon: Going to Thoi Loi Mountain to watch the sunset, standing at Thoi Loi Mountain, you will have a panoramic view of Ly Son Island, the green colors of garlic fields, watermelon fields, blue sea color and whispering waves at the foot of the mountain. After visiting and checking in at Thoi Loi mountain, we went to the seafood market and had dinner here with extremely delicious fresh seafood prepared on the spot.

Self-sufficient Ly Son tourism to visit Thoi Loi mountain

Thoi Loi Mountain has a panoramic view of the whole island (@heroine.anhthu)

– Night: Me and my friends went for a walk and drank coffee at Ly Son Center Café. Drink prices here are quite cheap, only from 15,000 VND to 35,000 VND. However, the restaurant is very crowded, it is cool to sit outside in the evening.

Day 2: Explore Be Island – Duc Pagoda – Quan Am Dai – To Vo gate

– Morning: I took a train from Big Island to Be Island with the price of 30,000 VND / round trip ticket. Be Island is a place that you cannot miss when traveling to Ly Son on your own. This place owns cool blue water and poetic and peaceful scenery. Here you can swim to your heart’s content or catch seafood with the locals and grow the famous Ly Son garlic variety.

In addition, scuba diving to see coral in Be Island is especially popular, but you need to ensure safety rules when scuba diving to have a complete discovery trip.

Be Island is an interesting destination in a self-sufficient Ly Son tour

Check-in at Be Island (@tphien1912)

– Afternoon: Visit Duc Pagoda, also known as Liem Tu Peak – one of the famous historical sites on the island. There is a statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva up to 25m high, white, from afar you can see the outstanding Quan Am Dai on the island. Besides, the temple system also has 3 large and small stone caves to worship Buddhas, while the main hall of the temple is located on the slopes of Gieng Tien mountain – where the volcano has cooled down for a long time.

Besides visiting Duc pagoda and Quan Am Dai, you should also visit To Vo gate, which is only about 100m away from the temple, right next to the beach. This is one of the most beautiful check-in places in Ly Son with a stone gate nearly 3m high, located between very unique lava rock beaches. Standing from To Vo gate, you can see the magnificent natural scenery of Gieng Tien mountain, see the peaceful life in the fishing village along the island. Welcoming the sunset at To Vo gate is one of my most meaningful moments in my Ly Son trip with friends.

Traveling to Ly Son self-sufficient, you must definitely visit To Vo Gate

To Vo Gate (@caphau2212)

– NightI returned to the area near the hotel and went on a pilgrimage, discovering night food on the Big Island.

Day 3: Visit Mu Cu island, Hang pagoda, return to the mainland

– Morning: My friends and I took the train to Mu Cu island for 30,000 VND / round trip and it took about 15 minutes to move. If you don’t take a train, you can come here by road because from Big Island there is a concrete road leading to Mu Cu island. Hon Mu Cau is one of the 3 islands of Ly Son island district but this place is uninhabited. Mu Cu island has a towering lighthouse in the middle of the sea, surrounded by impressive sedimentary rocks. If you can get up a little early, you should catch the sunrise at the lighthouse on Mu Cu island to see that this must be paradise.

Check-in on Mu Cu island is an attractive destination in self-sufficient Ly Son tours

Visit Mu Cu island with a beautiful lighthouse (@hoaithuumakeup)

– Noon: Returning to Big Island, I continued to explore Hang Pagoda – a temple with an age of up to 400 years and the location of the statue of Guanyin Buddha overlooking the sea very impressive. Hang Pagoda has a very large yard, in the middle is a lotus pond with a statue of Buddha. The main hall is the place to worship the Buddhas, in addition to being a place of worship, Hang Pagoda is also a place to organize the Buddha’s birthday, Vu Lan festival, the death anniversary of the immortals or the day of gratitude to the guardian heroes. sea ​​and island, … all take place here.

– Afternoon: I packed my things, checked out and took the train back to the mainland. I booked a hotel room in advance in Quang Ngai city to move from Sa Ky port to my place of residence quickly, in the evening, I walked around Quang Ngai city with my friends, enjoying the night atmosphere in this peaceful place. ,

Day 4: Walking around Quang Ngai city, boarding a plane to leave Chu Lai airport

The last day in Quang Ngai, me and my friends had breakfast in the city with delicious pork belly cake. After that, our group walked around the small market and bought some specialties as gifts. Finally, move to Chu Lai airport to check in and return to Hanoi. Ending the self-sufficient Ly Son tour is very fun.

How much does it cost to travel to Ly Son on your own?

You can refer to the basic costs that I list below. Here is the price that I have divided per capita for you to understand better:

– Airfare to Chu Lai: 1,300,000 VND/person, round trip Hanoi – Chu Lai, Vietnam Airlines.

– Speedboat ticket from Sa Ky port to Ly Son: 220,000 VND/person, round trip.

– Ly Son Hotel, Quang Ngai: 400,000 VND / person / 3 nights.

– Rent a motorbike for 2 days 120,000 VND/person.

– Eat seafood comfortably + eat at the motel: 700,000 VND/person.

– Tickets for taxis and canoes: 100,000 VND/person.

– Expenses incurred: 200,000 VND/person.

Total Ly Son travel expenses are self-sufficient My 4 days 3 nights is about 3,000,000 VND. Overall, this cost is quite reasonable, not too expensive.

Notes when traveling to Ly Son self-sufficient

– For services that need to be booked in advance such as airline tickets, hotel rooms or train tickets to Ly Son, you need to book early to ensure that there are seats and good prices for you, especially in the high season.

– The people of Quang Ngai in general and in Ly Son in particular have a rather difficult local accent. Therefore, you need to learn some basic local words in advance to facilitate communication such as “tom” meaning “eight” (number 8), “xin cho” meaning “hello”, “bèn” meaning ” equal”,…

– According to self-sufficient travel experience in Ly Son that you can draw, you should see the weather forecast to arrange suitable luggage for the trip, besides, you can also avoid stormy days that will affect your travel.

You need to check the weather before traveling to Ly Son on your own

Please check the weather before traveling to Ly Son (@capau2212)

– There are a lot of mosquitoes in Ly Son, so bringing mosquito repellent is essential. In addition, you should also bring sunscreen, lotion and some basic medicines such as motion sickness medicine, stomach medicine to avoid the case that you are not used to the weather and food in Ly Son!

Above is the Review of the trip Ly Son self-sufficient tour 4 days 3 nights Recently, hopefully it will help you to plan more specifically in the upcoming journey. You can contact BestPrice for advice on travel services at the best price, I just need to pack my backpack and go right away!


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